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"... a wonderfully deep yet playful look at friendship and belonging that doesn't fail to charm and chime."


"... one of the highlights of the evening"

Of 'Eastbound':




"Despite dealing with such emotionally loaded subject matter, ‘Done’ is never mawkish and manages some beautiful moments of bitter-sweet humour."


"... the standout piece of the evening."



" Never have I seen the subject of assisted suicide approached with such tender humanity and sensitivity."


"...the result is one of the most intense, affecting and haunting 15 minutes oif your life." 

Of 'Done':

Of 'Toast of Cereal':


“…there is a great deal of talent on display here on both the page and stage.”


“Great performances and great writing, it will chime endless series of chords with anyone who’s ever been in love (with toast or cereal or another human being). I’m still snickering at the afterimage of this despairing twosome."

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